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We are learning to cherish every moment, celebrate small victories and laugh whenever we can.  We will all navigate this ALS journey with family, friends, love and most importantly hope.


-- Cathy Dudley



On March 12, 2015, a bright light left this world.  In what seems to be the twinkling of an eye, a force of nature has moved on.  Despite all she endured, Cathy was thinking of others along the way.  Her caring soul left us with a wish that others in need have help when needed.


Catherine’s Crew Campaign to benefit Compassionate Care ALS (CCALS) has been formed to fulfill that wish.  The motto of the Crew is Family – Friends – Love – Hope.  ALS inexorably takes all of these away and it is Hope that deserts us first.  It is not the end, but the journey that drains us. 


Please join our family in supporting this most worthy organization as they embark on a major capital campaign to help those in need.  We thank you for helping to fulfill Cathy's wish.


 - Tony, Jack & Eve



Westwood High students to run with compassion!

On August 16, 2015, Megan, Colette, Radhika, Nina and Jack will run the 7 mile Falmouth Road Race in honor of their friend and mom, Cathy Dudley. The money they raise will go to support CCALS & the Catherine's Crew Campaign. They need to raise AT LEAST $7,500 in order for them to all be able to run.  Please support them by clicking on the runner below.






Check out below the Westwood Hometown Weekly article on this great group of students!


Keep Cathy's Bright Light Shining!


Donate to CCALS today!


We've raised $40,000+ and still counting! 







We hope to raise $100,000 in Cathy’s name for the CCALS Education and Retreat Center in Falmouth, MA.  Please join us in fulfilling Cathy's wish to help others as they live with this disease.  


Thank you!



Cathy’s ALS journey was eased through help of Compassionate Care ALS (CCALS), Falmouth, MA.


Whether it was guidance based on experience, the loan of specialized equipment or just someone with which to talk, CCALS ensured that Cathy did not have to make the journey alone.  In a time when we are at our most hopeless, CCALS is there.  This was so true for Cathy. 


Your donation will go toward building an ALS Education and Retreat Center to better meet the needs of those individuals living with ALS.  This will be a multi- purpose facility where people can learn from each other, counsel and escape the stress of every day life. 


Please donate generously in Cathy's memory.  Click here to learn more about why Cathy chose CCALS.  Thank you!


To learn more about CCALS click here.

Please share your memories about Cathy, a short story or a laugh.  Our memories are precious.


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